Google Planned to Spend Extra on “Spaces” Tool

Google spaces tool

When people first heard about the Google’s Spaces tool and then definitely there was excitement. This was a tool for the group discussion mainly on the YouTube videos. It would be right to say that this is one of the tools that has failed badly specially before competitors like WhatsApp and Facebook. After its launch in the month of the people had got perception that it will be a big failure by Google and it is going to shut down as there is very low traffic and usage of Spaces in compare to other discussing platforms online.

Kifi has been extremely popular app for the discussion and it came as shock for many that this company has been acquired by the Google. It clearly shows that Google has still hopes alive with the Spaces tool. God knows better what is in the mind of Google engineers and management team over this. Even Kifi would be surprised with such an acquisition with a whooping amount. Many users have been expecting funeral of the tool but it seems to be delayed for now. Kifi was mainly use by companies rather than individuals while Google’s Spaces is mainly for the individuals.

It would be right to say that Kifi was working as a powerful bookmarking tool. In the last few years, they had worked really hard to bring various things possible, which made them brand. Various improvements had come for ease of users which is likely to improve further with the Google’s engineer. Earlier, there has been failure for some of the apps like Google Wave, Reader and Chrome Desktop notification system. Google has learned a lot from their and they will not do same mistakes again. Take time and keep watching all progress of the Spaces because there would be many lovers of Google who have hope this time.