Don’t miss Apple’s new ads for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

We always love see the new iPhone’s in that row here is our latest iPhone 7 and apple watch series 2 got some interesting ads, which explains latest features such as water resistance, low light camera performance and new fitness features on iPhone 7.

First one features the Apple Watch Series 2 and focuses on fitness features. Yes, you can now swim with your Apple Watch, and do all sorts of dangerous sports. With this ad, it’s clear that Apple really wants you to consider the Apple Watch as a fitness-tracking device

Next one is in “Midnight”, a young man goes for a night ride on his skateboard. He rides in the suburbs, sees a deer (!) at a gas station and ends up at the top of a hill, overseeing the city. It’s beautifully shot.

And the final one shows a man preparing his bike and iPhone for a ride during an epic rain. He’s using his iPhone with a handlebar mount. I hope he’s not going to die though

Here is the awesome-looking iPhone 7’s teaser video which released by Apple last week.